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Kilikika Mana

KEE-lee-KEE-kah MAH-nah

The Scoop


"Kili - What?", you say.  Kilikika Mana is the name I've chosen for my website.  It literally means "Krista Power" in Hawaiian.  Hi.  My name is Krista.  A few years back, I was fortunate enough to visit Princeville, Kauai with my wonderful mom and stepdad.  Thanks Mom and Ron!  It is there where my heart and soul seemed to be one with the universe.  That wonderful trip along with many other twists and turns have helped guide my journey.


On this site you will find a mishmash of love, energy, peace, yoga, meditations, wisdom, refuge, seva, healthy living, nature, photos, food, art, health, respite, sisterhood and you may even find some laughter!


Please feel free to join me on this magic carpet ride we call life.



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